An effective help against nasal congestion as well as against bronchiolitis and pulmonary congestion of the newborn.

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at the premature Baby and the newborn child.

At the premature baby and the newborn child the breath is naso-nasal, the slightest viral or bacterial aggression pulls (entails) besides the inflammation, a hypersecretion which is going to block the superior air traffics and to prevent this young patient not only from breathing but also from drinking and from feeding. The hyperventilation (hyperbreakdown) and the dyspnoea end at first in tears, moaning, cough, but also by an ingestion of air which is going to limit the dynamics of the diaphragm, and secondly by a fatigue of ventilatoires muscles and respiratory breaks... . It is to say the importance of an immediate treatment (processing) of the obstruction of air traffics at these small patients.

The mouchage allows to free only the proximales parts (parties) of the nose. Furthermore, if we use a system with pear which gives a rough and too strong inhalation (pursuit), the mouchage can provoke harmful hyper-pressures for the average ear and sine.

It is also important to loosen (to kick away) well the later (posterior) part of the nose by means of techniques presented below for a good prevention of otites*.


  • The nasopharyngeal decluttering retrograde: (click here)

He(It) consists of a sniffing compulsory for the infant by closure(lock) of the mouth during the inspiration which, therefore, becomes inevitably nasal. Secretions progress at the level of the pharynx thanks to the air flow. The cough caused(provoked) by the support tracheal made progress still secretions at the level of the base(basis) of the language(tongue) and that this can be spat by the technique of antépulsion pharyngobuccale.

  • The antepulsion pharyngobuccale: (practised only by the specialist)

During the fast expiration, during the cough or during tears, the occlusion of the soft palate pulls(entails) an oral expiration. The support mentioned under lungual forbids the gulp, decreases the linguopalatin calibre and allows by the speed of the flow, the just projection of secretions on lips. This technique allows to avoid the aspiration and the épistaxis (bleedings of the nose) which ensue from it. Although he(it) is usual to think and to read that the infants do not spit, this technique allows to highlight secretions until then unknown because swallowed.























Generally speaking, the otitis can ensue from an immunizing In Particular deficit, from an iron deficiency, from a bad permeability of Eustachian tubes, from a hypertrophy of the adenoid vegetations, or still (PARTICULARLY at the infant) to be Favored by repeated rhinitises. The drawback grip (taking) of antibiotics in the Slightest affection, Stressing Then immunodeficiency year by disturbance of the intestinal flora and the generation of immunoglobulins A (which (who) protect mucous membranes), an allergic ground, passive smoking has a bad Or Another food (supply) can be at the origin aussi cette affection.